Vision and Mission

Our Vision

The vision of Kurtu International PLC is to be competent & market driven importing, exporting and commission agent business which can be able to generate the highest market share in the import & export market by year 2028.

Our mission

-Producing & marketing quality products of plastic bags, pp. bags and different size bottled mineral waters to the local & international markets.

-To import and distribute market driven world class quality products like tires, bearings, industrial v-belts, compressors, and consumable goods … etc.

-Exporting high quality marketable products to the international market so as to meet the needs and demand of our customers and generate foreign currency for the business. we export products like:- sesame seed, black cumin, red bean, white bean, chick peas, sunflower, garlic, turmeric, ginger, avocados etc.

Our Values

  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Employees Empowerment
  • Strength and Stability
  • Social Responsibility & Corporate Citizenship
  • Profit and Growth
  • Respect and Trust
  • Quality and Excellence
  • Teamwork and Cooperation