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Kurtu International private limited company (Plc) is an Ethiopian origin company established in 1992 to engage in the import, export and commission agency business. kurtu international company has been engaged in manufacturing of plastic bag, bottled mineral waters and import and export operations.

The company is operating as parent company of the two of its sister companies- namely:-

  • Unity Tradining PLC

  • Halal Ethiopia PLC


We offer a variety of services to our clients including


We are specialized in importing different brands of tires, industrial machines and spare parts and consumable goods.


The entrepreneurial mind of the management of Kurtu International PLC has directed the business to look into the export market and contribute its big effort to increase Ethiopia International business and foreign currency income on exporting the products.

Our Products

Under the umbrella Kurtu International PLC, we produce and market quality consumer products of plastic shopping bags, pp bags and bottled natural mineral water.

Halal Ethiopia

HALAL ETHIOPIA PLC was established in 2015 and has been producing natural mineral water   with in the brand of “DIMOND.”

Kurtu Commercial Center

Kurtu commercial center –The real estate business wing of Kurtu International PLC has built and managing the business entities of Kurtu Commercial Center and sebeta warehouse stores.


UNITY TRADING PLC, as one of sister company Kurtu International PLC was established in the year 1993. Unity trading plc has been a famous manufacturer of “kurtu plastic bags” and it produces different type and size plastic shopping bags with super quality and standard for the last 25 years.

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